About Dilys

I am a former registered general nurse and registered health visitor. My specialities included working with children with learning disabilities, diabetes in adults and children and a government funded early intervention “Sure Start”programme for disadvantaged children.

Further skills included a (PGCE) postgraduate certificate in education.

My openness to the benefits of complimentary / alternative medicine started during my nursing career.

Whilst not wanting to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” I could see how both orthodox and alternative / complimentary medicine could work with one another or as stand-alone interventions for health.

My journey

My journey since has involved becoming:

  • A Reiki Master.
  • An Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor.
  • A Louise Hay “Heal your Life” workshop facilitator.
  • A registered healer with The Healing Trust (MNFSH).
  • A Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner with Richard Bandler.
  • A Certified EEM Practitioner.
  • A EEM Clinical Practitioner.
  • Authorised EdenEnergy Medicine 101/102 teacher (teaching EEM for beginners.)
  • A Registered reflexology practitione.

I studied Science of Mind (based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes ) as Louise Hay had trained as a Science of Mind minister and I wanted to improve my understanding of the basis of her work.

I was taught Brandon Bays’s ” The Journey ” which is a step by step process that taps into the body’s infinite wisdom at a cellular level. . 

Since which time my path has led me to further enhance my skills in healing and I became a student in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine training programme, qualifying as a clinical EEM practitioner. The illustration below shows how I assess some of the body’s basic energy flow on a client.

I continue to update my skills in various modalities e.g (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique and more recently qualified as Reflexologist.

I offer my clients a gentle integrative approach to wellness endorsing a synthesis of everything I have learnt to date.

I am told that besides which ever ingredient I choose, what makes my recipes wonderful is that I add the special ingredient that seems to transform them into a beautiful healing mix. That special ingredient is Love.

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