Eden Energy Medicine Taster Sessions

Quickie Energy Balancer

It also activates the Radiant Circuits energies, which act like hyperlinks on the web and jump instantly to wherever they are needed in the body…….adding a radiant charge of euphoric healing.

£35 for 45 minutes

’Stress Buster’

This wonderful technique includes a series of specific holds on the head to induce a profound state of relaxation to enhance healing. The places held are on particular points “ neurovascular reflex points “ which control the blood and energy circulation in the brain and the entire body. This circulation can diminish when stressed resulting e.g. in our emotions and thoughts becoming distorted.

This soothing technique allows the mind to calm and move negative fearful thinking towards trust, joy and inner peace.

£45 for 60 minutes

The Brazilian Toe Technique

This technique induces a very deep and soothing relaxation and is based on the zones of the body that are used in reflexology. Benefits include stress reduction, relief of pain, insomnia, relief from restless legs syndrome.

It is also helpful in eliminating or reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as nausea and oedema.

£35 for 45 minutes

Daily Energy Routine

This is a pro active session where you are taught a set of exercises, at your own pace. These are designed to help you, your family, friends and clients to achieve a stronger energetic foundation. The body’s habitual energy patterns can be unsupportive of health when they become damaged by stress or illness.

Restoring their optimal flow with these empowering tools can significantly improve acute or chronic illness and everyday stresses. Once learned these tools can improve your well-being in less than 10 minutes a day.

(Includes a take home energy exercises handout.)

£35 for 45 minutes

Chakra Balancing with Colours

The seven major chakras are wheel- like energy centres situated from the top of the head ( crown chakra) down to the base of the spine ( root chakra). These spiralling, vital life forces are organising centres for the reception, assimilation and transportation of fresh energy into the body and conveying stagnant energies out of the body.

Each chakra has a specific role and stores energies that contain information about your physical body, your emotions and your life’s journey.

A chakra balancing session helps to clear and balance the chakra energies, regulating your body chemistry, improving your mental acuity, and strengthening your overall health.
The addition of coloured silks placed over the chakras enhances the process.

£45 for 60 minutes


Rebalance and harmonise your energies.


Untangle inner chaos to see life with a clearer perspective.


Boost your confidence.


Clear stuck emotions or thoughts due to stress or illness.


Improve physical coordination and balance.


Support your immune system & sharpen your memory.

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