Why energy medicine?

Energy medicine involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energy in order to increase your vitality, mental capacity and optimal health.

What should I expect during an energy session?

Depending on the issues you wish to work on, I will use one or more approaches as listed under “Treatments available”.

How long is an energy session?

Usually, an energy session lasts one to one and a half hours.

For other options see treatments listed.

Do I need to remove my clothes?

Clients remain fully clothed for sessions.

Are the treatments painful?

The energy session techniques used involve gentle, non-invasive, light or deeper touch. The client’s comfort levels are always monitored closely.

Are there any after-effects from an energy session?

Generally, most people experience feelings of well-being, relaxation and increased energy levels. Occasionally, physical or emotional reactions may occur once your energies have been stimulated and adjusted (e.g. dizziness, nausea, tiredness) but these symptoms should not persist.

Where do the treatments, classes and workshops take place?

Treatments are performed in my relaxing home-based environment.

Classes and workshops are held at different venues.

Do you have a waiting room?

I do not, but should you arrive early there are shops and cafes a 10 minute walk or short drive away.

What if I arrive late?

Unfortunately the session will still have to finish within the time reserved for the appointment.


Rebalance and harmonise your energies.


Untangle inner chaos to see life with a clearer perspective.


Boost your confidence.


Clear stuck emotions or thoughts due to stress or illness.


Improve physical coordination and balance.


Support your immune system & sharpen your memory.

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