Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)

EEM is based on Energy Medicine pioneer, Donna Eden’s teachings and practice over the past 35 years.

“Energy medicine can bring you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill and joy when you are down.” Donna Eden.

Energy medicine influences the energy fields of the body that regulate the growth and repair of cells, muscles, organs etc.

It applies techniques from ancient healing and spiritual traditions which include acupressure, kinesiology, yoga and Qigong.

Energy medicine integrates powerful interventions to enable energies to be tracked and evaluated.

With its emphasis on self healing and participation an EEM practitioner educates and empowers a client by teaching them how to nurture and sustain beneficial energy habits for vibrant health.

Homework / Home care is an essential component of the healing process with daily exercises encouraged in order to strengthen the body’s positive energetic patterns.

For further information see Donna Eden’s website:


Donna Eden with Dilys


Rebalance and harmonise your energies.


Untangle inner chaos to see life with a clearer perspective.


Boost your confidence.


Clear stuck emotions or thoughts due to stress or illness.


Improve physical coordination and balance.


Support your immune system & sharpen your memory.

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